Friday, September 7, 2007

Sitting up already???

Okay, so Asher is not really sitting up by himself, but with the help of his Bumbo seat and he will only tolerate it for a short minute. But isn't he cute? He is holding his head up so well that I thought I would give it a try. The seat will help him develop his neck, back and stomach muscles making it easier for him to sit when the time comes.

Mike is headed out for the first "real" Cross Country meet of the season. I think they are anxious to see how the kids do. Mike and Jeff are excited about the season. We had the 3A girls state champ last year, maybe we can add a boys champ to it this year. It sounds like they may have a shot at it. Guess only time will tell.

Asher and I are headed to Afton this evening with Mom and Dad (aka Nana and Grandpa) for the Jackson/Star Valley football game. It ought to be good. I just can't forget to pack some cotton balls for Asher's ears. I have a feeling it will be loud. Well, have a good weekend...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New Tricks

Asher found his thumb this past week and quickly fell in love with it! It is pretty cute, but sometimes I have to fight with it to feed him. It actually couldn't have come at a better time with Asher being sick this weekend. It definately helped keep him calm and gave him some comfort. The poor guy needed it the past couple days.

Asher also rolled from his tummy to his back on Saturday. Mike heard him fussing and went to get Asher up from his nap. When he got in there Asher was sprawled out on his back with a look of shock on his face and when he saw Mike he burst into tears!

Well, we are off to the doctor...