Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just a quick note

We saw the doctor today and the Asher man is doing great. He is now 10 lb 12 oz and 23.5 inches! He got a Hep B vacination today and did not like that at all. I can't believe he is already a month old! He is such a good baby. Asher is already sleeping on average 4-6 hours at night. Mike and I are really grateful for that, but aren't taking it for granted. We had a great weekend with Carl, Josh and Lauren in town. Not much more to report, but wanted to give you all a quick update. Hope all is going well...


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who's Asher going to cheer for???

Well, he already looks like a drunken baseball fan...he just happens to be in a milk coma rather than being passed out from drinking too much beer! The question is, who is going to be Asher's team? Mom is a Giants fan and Dad is a Mets fan. If Grandpa Mike has anything to say about it he will be a Giants fan, but if Uncle Quinn has any influence he will be a Cubs fan. Maybe Dad and Grandma Cindy will have the deciding vote and he will cheer for the Mets. I guess only time will tell, but as of right now the Giants have a slight advantage.

Asher has also been spending a good deal of his time with Dad watching the Tour de France. He doesn't really have a favorite this time around; he is waiting for Floyd Landis to race again. But, he is enjoying his first introduction to bike racing. Well, to completely tell the truth, I think he sleeps through most of it, but Dad likes to watch it with him. It is good snuggle time for the both of them

The little man gets cuter and cuter every day. I can't hardly believe he will be a month old on Sunday! The time has slipped through our fingers and we are trying to enjoy every moment (even the ones when he turns bright red and holds his breath). Asher is definately our blessing and we would never trade him in for anything. I am really enjoying being home with him and am looking forward to all his stages and learning who Asher is.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rough Morning for the Lundes

Poor little Asher had his roughest day yet today. We have had a couple tough days, but figured out he was eating too fast and as soon as we slowed him down a little and added some Mylicon to his regimine things calmed down a bit. But today we had our two week appointment with Dr. Little and this meant circumcision for the little man and a heel stick for his PKU. Boy, did he not like either one! It wasn't easy for either Mike or me to watch (I almost fainted and had to go sit with my head between my knees). We did not have to go in with him and weren't planning on it, but at the last minute both Mike and I decided we couldn't not be in there with him.

It is an interesting thing, male circumcision. At this point in time the decision is almost completely a cultural thing. Dr. Little said that about 70% of his white boys have the procedure, but almost none of his Latino patients do. Of course with a good Hebrew name like Asher there seemed to be little debate about whether or not we were going to do it, but I wonder if we would have given more thought to not doing it if he didn't have a Hebrew name...

Anyway, Asher is now sleeping peacefully and hopefully will be for a while. He certainly expended quite a bit of energy this morning. The good news from the doctor's vistit is that he is now 10lb 1oz (that's up a full pound from 2 weeks ago) and grew an inch. I knew he had to have gained a bit because he is a great eater.

Hopefully we will have a calm rest of the day. Mom is exhausted from this morning's events and would like to get a nap in sometime today.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

2 weeks old and already online!

With Asher almost 2 weeks old, we thought a blog would be an easy way to keep the out of the area family and friends updated on the latest Asher going ons. He is growing every day (we will see on Tuesday how much weight he has gained) and has already outgrown his Huggies Newborns. Sometimes it really does feel like all he is doing is eating. He has spurts of eating every hour, thank goodness it has never been in the middle of the night. I (Andrea) have been taking at least one nap during the day while he is sleeping and Dad doesn't have to be awake for the feedings (he does get up for diaper changes and to walk him back to sleep) so we have not really experienced any sleep deprivation.

All in all, things are going really well. I still can't believe how big he is. I never thought I would have a 9 lb 6 oz baby. He outweighed me at birth by exactly 3 lb! A girlfriend told me that if she ever decided to have babies she would want them big like him. I told her to stop taking drugs and pray for a 7 pounder.

Here are a couple pictures of our precious boy. He is changing every day and I think he is looking more like his dad as he gets older. Hope all is well with you all.