Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First smiles were a long time ago, but...

Asher has been smiling for a while and we do not know when his "first smile" was because he has been smiling since he made his appearance. But Asher has been more active in his smiling these past couple weeks. Sunday I went to a movie with a friend and left the boys home to entertain each other. Mike did a brillant job (like we expected anything else?), even getting Asher to eat from his bottle with little fuss. When I got home Asher was all smiles and coos for me. I may have to plan more outings just to get that reaction!

We discovered the other morning that when we put these pajamas on Asher we have to put socks on him as well...I woke up in the middle of the night to find both feet out through the snaps. I thought Mike got up in the middle of the night and changed him into one of his gowns! But doesn't he look cute in (one of the many) outfit Uncle Dan and Aunt Becca sent? We can't wait to show him off at their wedding. Asher will attend his first wedding on Saturday, so he will be all practiced up!
Time to get some things done before the little man wakes up...more updates later this week, I promise.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mom, I told you I was done!

This darling little boy knows what he does and does not want and
has no problem letting me know when he is finished with something. Yesterday we were having some floor time and I caught this moment on "film". He was not happy with me, but the great thing about Asher is that he is easily consoled and within a couple seconds in Mom's arms he was happy again. Yesterday Asher kept thinking he wanted to eat more and I think we went through more laundry yesterday than we had all week. It didn't matter how often I burped him or how productive those sessions were, sometime within the next 30 minutes he insisted on spitting up! At one point Asher was lying on his tummy and sucking his fingers and got one in a little too far. The good news is that his gag reflex works just fine. The bad news is that we had to wash his play gym last night.

In other news, Mike has begun his 3rd summer job. Cross Country started on Monday. Life will be busy for a couple months, but it looks like we will have a good team. There may even be a chance for a couple state titles, both team and individual. Time will tell, but things are looking good. Everyone keeps asking us if Asher has runner's legs and when he is going to start practice. Next spring when his head is not quite so wobbly Dad will be able to take him out in the jogging stroller for runs, but until then Mike will have to be satisfied with the snuggles he gets from Asher. He is the snuggliest boy in the world. Once you pick him up you don't want to put him down (unless he has had a rough day and then you want to take turns). But that doesn't happen too often.
We are all looking forward to Grandma, Melanie and Ron coming out next week. We can't wait for them all to meet our little man and to love on him. Hope all is well.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I know it has been a long time...

Life has been busy here in Jackson. Asher is learning to use his voice and coo and make noises at us. He is also spending more "happy time" in his play gym, looking at the lights and attempting to hit the hanging toys. Earlier this week he spent a full ten minutes on his tummy without crying (his record before was about 2 seconds!). Right now Asher is sound asleep in the sling. I have to say that the sling is one of my favorite baby items-it can really be a sanity saver. Just pop him in and bounce him a litte and he is a happy boy. He loves to move, I think due to the fact that I had to walk down two flights of stairs at work every time I needed to use the bathroom.

Mike start X-C practice on Monday, but has been running with one of the kids all summer. I think he is looking forward to what will happen this season. They should have a good boys and girls team. State titles, maybe? Mike will also be going to a new school again this year. He was asked to go to Summit High School (the alternative school) to work as a Special Ed Para. Hopefully all this will eventually lead to a better paying teaching job.

We are now a one car family. With us only putting about 1000 miles a year on the Blazer and putting money into gas, insurance and registration, we decided that we could survive with only one car. And it just happened that my brother needed a working, reliable car. So we gave Quinn the family deal and we have one less possession to worry about. My little Honda is still running like a champ. Not much to look at, but it gets us safely to where we need to be.

The whole family is looking forward to the next wave of visitors. Well, Asher doesn't really have a clue, even though we've been talking to him about it. All he needs to be concerned about it that there will be more people to hold him. Hopefully he doesn't sleep as much as he did when Carl was out here and everyone will be able to see how well he is developing!

Hope all is well...