Thursday, January 15, 2009

Save Handmade

Save Handmade Toys

With the new laws about what can and can't be used in children's products an entire cottage industry may come to a screeching halt. For the most part these artisans comply with the new standards (and have for years), but don't have the financial resources to adhere to them. This is not a good thing. This is a classic example of big vs little and unless Congress takes a look at this law and creates a way to hold the big guys accountable without hurting the little guys we will loose a valuable resource.

Reading list 2009

I know you've all been waiting for it, without further ado here it is!

A Wrinkle in Time series
A Farewell to Arms
The Power of One
The Pillars of the Earth
The Hour I First Believed
Anna Karenina

A Woman's Guide to Family Finances (with a group of ladies)
Parenting with Love and Logic (a refresher)
The Blessing of a Skinned Knee
The Lives of Children
Coloring Outside the Lines
Real Boys
Grace Based Parenting
Living Simply with Children

Home Comforts
Hope in Troubled Times
Blessed Unrest
The Complete Idiots Guide to Adoption
A Room of One's Own

I am sure that there will be plenty others (some that because of their fluffy content that I may be a little embarassed to report on), but these are the ones that I want to be intentional about reading. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, let me know!