Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mom, I told you I was done!

This darling little boy knows what he does and does not want and
has no problem letting me know when he is finished with something. Yesterday we were having some floor time and I caught this moment on "film". He was not happy with me, but the great thing about Asher is that he is easily consoled and within a couple seconds in Mom's arms he was happy again. Yesterday Asher kept thinking he wanted to eat more and I think we went through more laundry yesterday than we had all week. It didn't matter how often I burped him or how productive those sessions were, sometime within the next 30 minutes he insisted on spitting up! At one point Asher was lying on his tummy and sucking his fingers and got one in a little too far. The good news is that his gag reflex works just fine. The bad news is that we had to wash his play gym last night.

In other news, Mike has begun his 3rd summer job. Cross Country started on Monday. Life will be busy for a couple months, but it looks like we will have a good team. There may even be a chance for a couple state titles, both team and individual. Time will tell, but things are looking good. Everyone keeps asking us if Asher has runner's legs and when he is going to start practice. Next spring when his head is not quite so wobbly Dad will be able to take him out in the jogging stroller for runs, but until then Mike will have to be satisfied with the snuggles he gets from Asher. He is the snuggliest boy in the world. Once you pick him up you don't want to put him down (unless he has had a rough day and then you want to take turns). But that doesn't happen too often.
We are all looking forward to Grandma, Melanie and Ron coming out next week. We can't wait for them all to meet our little man and to love on him. Hope all is well.

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Grandma said...

HI Asher,
Wow you are so cute and I bet you are growing right before your Mom and Dad's eyes. We can't wait to come out to see you next week. Is there anything you want from New Jersey? I already know that your Mommy wants cinnamon raisin bagels. I will get then Monday afternoon. I have one more day to work and then three days to get ready to come out to see you. I can't wait to hold you ! ! 'I love you,