Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who's Asher going to cheer for???

Well, he already looks like a drunken baseball fan...he just happens to be in a milk coma rather than being passed out from drinking too much beer! The question is, who is going to be Asher's team? Mom is a Giants fan and Dad is a Mets fan. If Grandpa Mike has anything to say about it he will be a Giants fan, but if Uncle Quinn has any influence he will be a Cubs fan. Maybe Dad and Grandma Cindy will have the deciding vote and he will cheer for the Mets. I guess only time will tell, but as of right now the Giants have a slight advantage.

Asher has also been spending a good deal of his time with Dad watching the Tour de France. He doesn't really have a favorite this time around; he is waiting for Floyd Landis to race again. But, he is enjoying his first introduction to bike racing. Well, to completely tell the truth, I think he sleeps through most of it, but Dad likes to watch it with him. It is good snuggle time for the both of them

The little man gets cuter and cuter every day. I can't hardly believe he will be a month old on Sunday! The time has slipped through our fingers and we are trying to enjoy every moment (even the ones when he turns bright red and holds his breath). Asher is definately our blessing and we would never trade him in for anything. I am really enjoying being home with him and am looking forward to all his stages and learning who Asher is.

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