Monday, January 21, 2008

Where do I begin...

First, I am sorry it has taken me months to post anything new. I guess the creative juices have been flowing in other should see the boxes I made for our new bookshelf! The holidays were good. Mike and I feel like we were cheated out of Asher's 1st Christmas, though. The poor guy puked and slept all day. We need to pose some "Christmas pictures" and when we do that I will post them. But here is one of Asher on his present from Santa. I don't know who likes the scooter best, Mike or Asher.

Asher has really started to move these last two weeks. He can push/pull himself across a room towards something we don't want him into in 0.3 seconds! And if Asher is not scooting he is rolling all over the place. I think I need to go buy a new pair of running shoes because the days of putting him in one spot and him staying there are long gone!

Asher has also started on some solids, but thus far all we can get him to "open up for" are pears. If I trick him he will keep sweet potatoes in his mouth. Today we are going to try mangos and if that does not go well we will head over to peaches. My new philosphy is to find what he really likes and start him there and then add the things he is on the fence about. As you can see the squash is not quite the hit I was hoping it would be!

At Asher's last doctor's visit he was 15lb 5oz (a skinny boy reaching the 35th percentile!) and 28.5 inches long (95th percentile)! Since his car seat only goes up to 29 inches it was time for a new one. With the help of Grandma Cindy and Grandpop Carl and Grandmom Trang (we used Christmas money) we got Asher a great new carseat. Mike and I ordered the Britax Diplomat and Asher seems to really like it. I can't believe that he is so big! Time flies...

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Sarah said...

Your blog is wonderful. Where do you find the time. Asher is getting so big. You may want to wait on buying those running shoes cause once they start walking theres no looking back, literally. Tell everybody I said hi and I will visit again.

Love, Sarah & Family