Saturday, April 12, 2008

I like to move...

Asher went for his first ski this past week. He and Mike skinned part way up Snow King and skied down. I think he liked it-I know Mike loved it. We will be getting a backpack so Mike and Asher can do more Daddy/Asher things like this. Right now we are researching which one is best...anyone know what Consumer Reports says? It will be nice to have one so we can take hikes, long walks up Cache Creek, go to State Track, ect...

We will probably go for a bike ride tomorrow. The road from Moose to Jenny Lake is open to non-motorized vehicles and we are thinking we will take the bikes and the Chariot up there. First we have to make a stop at KMart for a helmet for the little man. I sure hope he likes the bike/Chariot because we plan on using it all summer. One of the nice things about Jackson is the bike path system. We can go almost anywhere with the bikes. Two summers ago we road our bikes everywhere and are hoping to repeat that this summer.

We went for a family walk this afternoon. I am not sure how warm it was, but it was warm enough for us to get out without hats and snowsuits! We walked down South Park Loop Road and saw lots of birds. Asher seemed to like the Mei Tai and I liked it better than wearing him in the Bjorn. My back can't take his weight on the front now that he is a whopping 17 pounds (okay, we know he is skinny, but look at his mom and dad-the kid is never going to be an offensive lineman!).

He is also crawling all over the place and is currently knocking the blocks over as fast as Mike can build them up. Hope all is well with everyone.


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Kat said...

Hello to You! It looks like you are having a BLAST with you little guy! Right On! They are SO MUCH FUN! I hope all went well on the bike ride, it took Kai a few tries but now he likes it. :) Hug yourself for me!