Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Asher Update

We visited the doctor today and it was the worst doctor's visit yet. Asher was mad from the second we took him into the room and let us know the entire time there and all the way home. Well, to be fair, the ride home was probably because of the 3 shots he got. Poor baby. I hate shot visits! Not vacinating has crossed my mind simply for the fact that those parents don't have to have shot visits. They may have measles, polio and a myriad of other visits, but no shot visits for them. Anyway...Asher is now 23 lb and 34 in. That is 10-25% in weight and 90% in height. In other words, just like his mama was. We are having a heck of a time with diaper changes. He kicks and kicks and kicks. He has spent a bit of time in the crib and hopefully he will soon make the connection between kicking mama and spending some quality time in his crib. All is well here, hope all is well there!

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